GC Laughs Festival

Branding Identity and Design

I worked as the Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer for the Gold Coast Laughs Festival in 2019 and 2020. In this role, I was responsible for creating the art concept and branding style guide as well as applying the aesthetic to all marketing material (program guide, website, signage, posters, social media, etc).

I relied on illustration to execute my vision for the inaugural festival, creating an identity that was young, playful and summery - well in line with the atmosphere of the hosting city. In 2020, I updated the branding with a new illustration style, elements and colour scheme, as seen below.

I also created a number of animated HTML5 web ads, and edited cinematic trailers promoting the event.

  • Client Gold Coast Laughs Festival
GC Laughs Festival poster
GC Laughs Program Guide cover
GC Laughs website

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