Another Frickin' Festival (NZ)

Comedy festival branding and design

I worked as the Art Director and Graphic Designer for Another Frickin' Festival, a brand new comedy festival hosted by Comedy Central that toured across Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, New Zealand, in February 2018. I was solely responsible for creating the logo, branding, art direction and concept, as well as the subsequent graphic design of all supporting marketing collateral, which included the website, program guide, social media tiles and overlays, street advertising and venue signage.

I began this project while in the middle of packing up my life in Sydney to move to Berlin, and then continued to work on the project remotely via shaky wifi in cafes, hostel common rooms, long Flixbus journeys and AirBnBs across various European time zones.

I worked alone across the entire project, from concept right through to creating finished art and collateral, in consultation with event producers from Comedy Central and People People.

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